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Welcome to the text and printer-friendly version of Recycle City. Each of the four neighborhoods in Recycle City -- Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest -- show some ways that residents have made the city a cleaner place to live. If this is your first visit, take a look at the Introduction to Recycle City, then click on one of the neighborhoods below to begin exploring. If you are a regular visitor, you might want to try the activities for teachers and students, or the Dumptown game. And the Help section will answer all of your questions about getting around the city, printing, and using Recycle City off-line.

Recycle City neighborhoods

Inside many parts of Recycle City, you'll find information on recycling, reuse, and waste reduction. Find out what's being done to improve the environment for everybody!

Northeast neighborhood

Northwest neighborhood

Southeast neighborhood

Southwest neighborhood

On the road


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